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Is there any way we can help/support you with the steam release of vampire no survivors/any other projects your working on? 


Hey, sorry for a late reply! Thanks for your interest, it's always very motivating to hear people are willing to help! There's not all that much that can be done now, as I'm currently super busy releasing my first commercial game Ants Took My Eyeball. However, it is always helpful to spread the word and try to keep some hype and interest up. More people interested in the game means we can more safely commit more time and energy to making the game as good as possible!

Will this game have an Android version?

That would be really cool, but we'll be focusing on the Steam release first, and maybe consider other platforms later.

94200 points

Still planning a Steam release? Any updates planned?

Yes, a Steam release is still coming, hopefully soon after I'm done with my current project, Ants Took My Eyeball. Not promising anything, but most likely some time this year.


Thats awesome! Will you be expanding the game at all once it's on Steam?

We have plans for new minions, enemies, meta-progression and levels!

............... who......send an army of slimes..................

The art of the vampire is filled with personality if you know what I mean.

lol just spamming slimes and the ranged units made me spawn kill everything indefinitly.

good game, late game best options are minotaur/golem, with a wall of trap chests to keep the enemies from reaching the 3rd coffin. got 3.6m high-score that ended to I believe a bug? I had pushed the fighters back to the left side of screen, and went to place a secondary line of defense closer to the final coffin, when suddenly the final coffin was destroyed with no survivors anywhere close to it. 


I only got 130,840 score, game isn't that bad 7/10.


I would love and back a game based aorudn this concept. where theres levels and upgrades kinda like a rouge lite. this is amazing.


holy fricking cool idea. congratulations for it

cool game, 76280 my first try.
At some point my slime+wisp combination had pushed the survivors all the way to the left border.

but then things went bad when too many enemies with multiple weapons came and slaughtered everything faster than I could even place them :-/

Also Like for the nice game over screen.
Ever though black panties would have suited her better ;-)


Can you make a Linux build?




The game can suddenly freeze completely.

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Game freezes completely every time in late game. I am on Windows 8.1


Simple and fun game!


What do you guys need to make this a full fledged game? Would funding help? Contact me.


Completely unplayable on mobile for no good reason. It would not be that hard to just add a settings thing so that instead of a right click(long press right click doesn’t work, that’s just spam spawn things) for choosing what monster it’s a button on the side.


It''s a gamejam entry bro, why are you expecting so much

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bruh you can’t be telling me this much is impossible to have added, or that I can’t be annoyed at it being unplayable for me because of that

it was an entry specifically made for fun in a gamedev community, like a one-off or a one-shot that if lucky would be pursued and expanded on.
shame though, seems like it might have been an interesting idea


This was a quick bit of fun. I think I would have preferred going up against only a single survivor though. PS. I think there's a spelling mistake in the description for the ghost.

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There's a bug where the enemy health keeps decreasing beyond zero. It seems to happen whenever the enemy is getting bombarded with constant attacks... it's as if the enemy can't die during an attack, only afterward, so as long as they're being attacked they just keep taking damage.

Nice game, though.


good one


fun game but the rogues, or what ever they are that fire a bunch of blades at once seem alittle op compared to the rest of the enemies, their range and single target damage wrecks most tanky units making most tanky units not viable, and with them getting upgrades from disarming chests it makes it very dangerous to put any chests that they can access.

the knockback from enemies by mid game also seems to get excessive, even with large speed upgrades, spawning hundreds of melee units the enemies seem to be able to permanently keep enemies away from them, this usually results in me having to try to spam whisps or boomers but i usually fail soon as their knockback gets so high.

yep, knife storms+holy bombs decimate everything, no matter what you place down :-/




not bad! is really bad though


What a fun idea. Felt like a demo to what coop is going to be like from the wrong perspective lol

very well done! keep it up!


when i download the game, i couldnt open it


Pretty nice :)


Got Potential, needs permanent upgrades preferably with crosspaths that alow you to specialise your units.


Jogo e muito bom espero que saia pro celular também


After the rebalance, can't get over 400k like I used to.

Only got 240k this time, same strategy though (only slimes + boomers, slimes to farm crystals, boomers with atk/health/speed for dealing damage)

trapped chests cost too much to do good aoe, and boomers are the only next unit that deals aoe damage hence there's not really any good units versus their crystal costs tbh.

Pretty well balanced overall though, I think using some other strategy I'd still get around 200k, units are pretty balanced imho now


could be cool if you release it on steam


That's the plan!


127160 High Score, did it with mostly Wisps, Blobs, and Minotaurs. The game is decent but getting unlucky with certain Survivors early game just makes the game unplayable right off the bat.


178300 High score with blop and wisp

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i got a high score of 103,350. This gets hard quick but it's fun, good time waster.
idk how editing works but I think this game has a lot of potential and would love to see more of this/like this

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To many vampire hunters


Cool implementation :) Had that idea as well before, so it's fun to see it realized! On my laptop touchpad pretty tiring from all the clicking/tapping, would be simpler if you could just hover to drop enemies with some cooldown? Not sure the game needs to rely on clicking like mad to be fun. You could then also upgrade the drop cooldown as part of the upgrades.


You can hold down left click and move the mouse around


Its so gud :O



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Hyvä peli oli ja mukavasti kului tunti.


Fun. It would be nice to zoom out and see more of the map, maybe some smol meta progression to upgrade mobs outside of battle then chest rewards can be focused onto the mobs you already have.

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